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Chairperson of Sodhi Charitable & Welfare society, Surinder Das Sodhi was involved in community serving from many years. During Lockdown, he found some senior citizens who are left behind to die without food and shelter by their family members. From 8th of March 2020, he started his step forward to help senior citizens by providing shelter on rental basis in the form of Vridh Ashram with the facilities of food, clothing and medical care. Total number of senior citizens varies from 15 to 30 residing there as some of them get back to their family members. Langar Sewa for around 300 people is served for inside and outside people of the Ashram.

Sodhi Charitable & Welfare Society is open for public services. One can join to serve the community and society in different sectors. Parvinder Singh Sodhi, Secretary of this society came up with idea to plant trees in the villages of Punjab to serve in environment sector. He has inherited the lesson of planting trees on birthdays and other celebrations from his parents and continued this from last twenty seven years and now this is his lifetime project. So he discussed the project of planting fruits and medicinal plants in different villages of Punjab with Surinder Das Sodhi and this project became their mission. They together with their team has planted these trees in around 220 villages of Punjab by giving awareness to other people about the benefits of these medicated plants. Around 19,000 fruit and 27,680 medicated plants mission has completed. They have also accomplished to cover 32 parks, 162 Trivenies and 50 forests in some kilas. They aware people and children of villages and guide them how to plant trees and take proper care of them. The want to continue the mission to PAN India so that everybody should in touch with their roots and understand the importance of trees in life

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Year Started:2020
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Air Cooler Needed In Old Age Home

Goal: ₹ 19,000
Deadline: 20/09/2022
Environment & Civic Issues

Make Punjab Healthy and Green

Deadline: 07/09/2022

Abandoned Senior Citizens Need You to Adopt Them

Goal: ₹ 50,000
Deadline: 31/07/2022