Abandoned Senior Citizens Need You to Adopt Them

by Sodhi Charitable & Welfare Society

Pledged: ₹ 7,000

In their old age, too weak to even walk.. and begging strangers for 1 roti.. These senior citizens were cruelly abandoned. Now this Ashram is their last shelter. Without any one else to take care of them, will you give them your love and support?

This Vriddh Ashram gives care and protection to 15 senior citizens. They were cruelly abandoned by their families just because they needed some kind support in their old age. Some of them were even left to just die on the roads. Fortunately, some kind souls brought them to this Ashram. Here, proper food and medicines are given to them regularly. All efforts are made to care for them in their final days. Without this place today, they will have nowhere to go.

The Ashram has monthly expenses like rent, ration, and medicines which have to be funded every month. Overall, the expense is around 50,000 per month- a small amount to help them live comfortably. You can support them by donating a small amount and Adopting them as your chosen family.

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