Sarbsukh Sewa Foundation

SarbSukh Sewa is taking care of completely unknown persons in Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, since past 7-8 years.. These persons are sadly abandoned by their loved ones.. mostly they are senior citizens who have been left on the street in sick condition. No one knows who they are, and because of mental issues, they have also forgotten their identity sometimes.. They are brought to Civil Hospital by police vans or concerned citizens for treatment, but no one takes care of them when they are in hospital or after that. But SARBSUKH SEWA volunteers show them this kindness. They started small without thought of any fame, or money.. only with a spirit of giving unconditional love. They have special volunteers for ladies because sometimes hey need extra support. All their tests, procedures etc in the hospital are covered by NGO. This way around 150 patients from both OPD and wards are given medicines on a daily basis. They also give necessary medical equipment like Walkers, normal beds, etc. All of this is done with a pure heart by the volunteers with this NGO. Once the patients are healthy again, firstly the NGO tries to find their family or near ones. But if they cant find their family or convince them to go back, then they are shifted to special old age ashram. Really, this NGO's service is like giving a family's love to even those who have no one left at all.

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Year Started:2022