Help Abandoned Patients Get Critical Medical Care

by Sarbsukh Sewa Foundation

Goal: ₹ 51,000
Pledged: ₹ 3,000

Do you know that there are hundreds of cases where patients are abandoned at civil hospitals by their families because of their mental or physical sickness?

It’s a harsh and sad reality that these sick patients are left to tend for themselves in a situation where they need support the most. But SarbSukh Sewa’s volunteers are tirelessly working to help these abandoned patients like they are their own loved ones. 

Since the last 8 years, this NGO has helped many patients get the treatment they require and also provided necessary medical equipment like Walkers, normal beds, etc. Around 150 patients are given required medicines on a daily basis. 

However, in lot of cases that they come across, there is an urgent need for medical treatment for which this NGO faces issue in arranging funds. Now, they wish to have a reserve of treatment money that they will utilize in case of highly critical cases where funds are needed immediately to save a life. 

You can help them create this reserve. Donate to the cause today and help these abandoned patients get a fair chance at life.

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