We at LRT - 188 society carry out the following objectives: - (i) To open, found, establish, promote, set up, maintain, assist, finance, subsidize support and aid in the setting up of projects, for schools, colleges, Pathashalas and other institutions for general education of boys and girls; (ii) To give stipends, Scholarships and monetary aids to students, scholarships and poor; (iii) To open, found, establish, assist or make donations to or maintain schools, colleges or boarding houses or any other educational institution for imparting technical, industrial or commercial knowledge or training or having objects similar to those of this Trust; (iv) To construct build and maintain the: - a) School/ College building in healthy and salubrious surroundings; b) Hostel and residential institution for the girl students; c) Recreation ground or park for the benefit of the students; (v) To help the victims of a particular disaster; (vi) To set up instructional or training centres for imparting instruction and training in banking, engineering, commercial social service, village reconstruction work, small scale industries and such other subjects as may be determined from time to time. (vii) To plant saplings, trees and develop parks for the betterment of the general public thereby promoting environmental development (viii) To print books, journals, pamphlets, or publish in newspaper, magazines or host or promote websites, television programmes, radio programmes, involving promotion of the activities of the trust, educating people, information about the environment, human and animal welfare, national wealth, culture and heritage. (ix) To open, found, maintain or contribute to the opening and maintaining of such institutions where work on living wages can be provided to poor and middle class people and as may be conducive to the development of such industries in any part of the Indian Union for the benefit of the poor; (x) In general to open, found, establish, finance, assist and contribute to institutions, technical or pertaining to fine arts or industries such as workshops; factories and other institutions for imparting education in workmanship and for providing employment and means of earning adequate wages for the unemployed and needy ; (xi) To open, found, establish or finance, assist and contribute to the maintenance of sanitarium, asylums, charitable hospitals, mobile dispensaries, maternity homes and any other institutions for the treatment of diseases or disorders of the human body and mind or animals ; (xii) To open, found, establish, maintain and assist asylums for lepers or those suffering from contagious diseases and also institutions for the relief of the destitute or disabled; (xiii) To construct, build and maintain parks, hostels for public use or benefit; (xiv) To open, found establish or contribute and maintenance of blinds, orphanages, widow's homes, lunatic asylum, poor house, etc. (xv) To distribute food, blankets, rugs, quilts and all kinds of cotton or woolen clothing to the needy; (xvi) To establish and promote physical, cultural education by establishing and adding and promoting gymnasium, akharas, physical and cultural homes and other like institutions; (xvii) To open Foundation to establish sports centre and/or to assist in organising sports meet, awarding of prizes to the winners to the sports and to meet the cost of sports meets and prizes; (xviii) To open Foundation to establish sports centre and/or to assist in organising sports meet, awarding of prizes to the winners to the sports and to meet the cost of sports meets and prizes;

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Child Welfare Environment & Civic Issues Girl & Women Road Safety Education Blood Donation Differently Abled Health & Family Welfare Patient Care Food & Clothing

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Year Started:2006
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Child Welfare

Abandoned by father, physically challenged boy needs help!

Goal: ₹ 50,000
Deadline: 26/10/2022
Patient Care

CoVid Relief

Goal: ₹ 200,000
Deadline: 31/12/2020

Construction of 4 Classrooms at Govt School Cemetery Road

Goal: ₹ 200,000
Deadline: 15/09/2020
Food & Clothing

Round Table India Kitchen

Goal: ₹ 0
Deadline: 15/05/2020