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We intend to donate medicines, life saving drugs, injections, masks, PPE Kits etc to local administration and Civil Hospital.

Corona Virus pandemic has put a huge burden on the local administration, health systems and general public. During the initial days of lockdown a lot of people lost their jobs. They had no food to eat. At this time, Round Table India stepped in and served over 55 Lakh meals all over India. Now, as factories and services are opening up the challenge has shifted. While the issue of food has been taken care of by the government and due to jobs coming back the spread of Corona Virus has become extensive in Ludhiana. Due to this sudden spurt, health systems are collapsing. There is shortage of ICU beds for Corona patients. Civil hospital is facing acute shortage of medicines and staff. Hence, it is the collective responsibility of the residents to now give back to the city what it really needs. We need to provide medicines to ensure patients are treated timely and do not reach a stage where they need ICU care. We need to provide life saving drugs to critically ill patients, testing kits to enable mass testing and equipment to the hospital to take care of the increasing number of patients.

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