Furry Angel Welfare Society

I am Pooja, also known as dog mother. This journey of me taking care of so many pets started when I was working in a hospital and I noticed that not many people really bother to give proper treatment to their pets when they get sick and that is why they abandon these innocent souls. My heart ached to see so many dogs and pets in pain. Initially I didn't have enough money to start an NGO but it is rightly said where there is will, there's way!

So I started with taking care of 30-35 pets at my home, from their grooming to feeding them on time, I took care of everything like my own children. But my neighbor's were very unhappy with my decision & that is when I decided to move far from residential area. In this journey of mine, I was just sure no matter what happens I am not going to abandon them. Today I take care of 650 pets and they shower more love than I do. Now there are some days when I may not have food on my plate but I ensure that none of my kid starve. Some really kind souls who know about me and my journey keeps on providing help possible in their capacity but I seek monthly and regular funding, so that my kids can be given proper medical attention, food and shelter.

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Year Started:2022
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Food & Clothing

650 abandoned Dogs & Cats need food

Goal: ₹ 100,000
Deadline: 31/12/2023
Environment & Civic Issues

Support This Shelter Home That Takes Care Of Over 650 Dogs& Cats

Goal: ₹ 100,000
Deadline: 31/01/2023