Ration needed for Homeless Senior Citizens

by Guru Amar Das Apahaj Ashram

Goal: ₹ 700,000
Pledged: ₹ 6,000

These senior citizens were left to die alone without food or support.. Even in old age, they spend every day worrying about their next meal. This Ashram's shelter and your kindness is their last hope. Let us feed them with love

Today, this Ashram is the only safe place for more than 200 old and sick people. They have no money, no family, and no support except for the kindness of strangers. And all they want is some basic things in life.. like food .
In Guru Amardas Apahaj Ashram, food and shelter is given to them. But it costs a lot to provide food to more than 200 people everyday.  For just 3 times roti and 1 cup chai daily, total cost is around Rs 6 lacs per month.
And if we all personally give even Rs 500 for helping them, then these small donations can make a big difference.
So let's complete this mission to End Their Hunger.

Give a misscall to 8289066979 or fill this form below to Donate for Their Food

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