Donate Pad Vending Machines for Women in Backward Areas

by Women Next Door

Goal: ₹ 60,000
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For many women, even a simple pad is not available or affordable. So they use dirty old cloth or mud, which is not healthy and can even risk their life. WND is giving 6 Sanitary Pad Vending machines in Saanjh Kendra Centres in Ludhiana district.

The health of women is very delicate during periods. So it is very important to care about which products are used. Using cotton sanitary pads is safe and best option as compared to using old dirty clothes.

In the past also, this NGO has made many efforts for all women to have a safe period. They have distributed free pads and books to young girls. They also installed vending machines in government schools. Many girls thanked them for their efforts.
But there was lack of Sanitary pad machines for adult women outside schools.
So, WND decided to install them in 6 Saanjh Kendras with Punjab Police's support. These centres are opened by Punjab Police specially for women's issues, so there many women can be reached.
Each machine costs Rs. 8000, plus 1 year supply of pads is needed.

So let's Contribute to this cause below. And make sure that all women have a safe period.

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