I am a NGO

I am a NGO is a registered trust formed in 2012 by the edupreneur couple of Ashoo and Maneet Dewan. The NGO was established with a basic intent of promoting volunteerism and philanthropy. The objective was to facilitate all other NGO’s, institutions, Industry and Volunteers and build an eco system for them. I am a NGO is the collection centre of Goonj, the national NGO for relief in disaster management, collecting old or new cloth and offering it to the deprived community against a dignified work. The NGO played active role during the Uttaranchal Floods in June 2013, Kashmir Floods in September 2014, Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, and Kerala Floods in August 2018 and recently in COVID-19 crisis in 2020. The NGO mobilises volunteers and donors to collect old clothes, books, gadgets, shoes etc and grocery, medicines during the disaster relief and make them reach to the affected areas. In routine also these items are collected by us and provided to Goonj who segregate and bundle them as family kits which are then taken to far flung areas or deprived communities and are given as reward against some local community level dignified work.

Besides this I am a NGO is closely working with other local NGO’s and district administration and contribute to all major social reforms and causes with focus on environment and civic issues. We have also maintained the directory of 183 NGOs in Ludhiana covering all sectors and share that information with donors and administration as and when required.

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Food & Clothing

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Year Started:2013
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I am a NGO Projects

Child Welfare

500 Books Required of 10th Class

Deadline: 27/07/2020

Scholarship for Slums Children

Goal: ₹ 10,000
Deadline: 25/07/2020
Food & Clothing

Cloth Collection

Goal: ₹ 300
Deadline: 09/07/2020