Helps Welfare Society

HELPS is a National N.G.O. with the aim to build a strong foundation of our mother land by providing smart education, uplifting environmental conditions, empowering women and aiding in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the country. The organization is based upon the principle of construction and developing new ideas for better tomorrow as majority of the members comprise of engineers from different branches. We engineers don’t want to halt ourselves to building machines, infrastructure, software etc. We want to reach more by constructing primary education, clean up the environment and remove plight of women. We all engineers don’t have any face rather we have one name HELPS (Health, Education, Liberty, Peace and Service). Let’s come together, join together and build a strong Nation.

Basic aims and objects shall be: Work for the welfare of common people through Health, Education, and Liberty & Peace. (To identify and work for economically and socially deprived, physically and mentally challenged children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware. Enable them to be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life Create awareness amongst citizens for their rights and privileges. Help people to fight against social evils like corruption, Dowry, Ill-treatment of citizens by government departments/officials. Protection of environment and promote safe practices for preservation of eco-balance. Fight against all sources of pollution like air, water, noise etc. Help elderly people and senior citizens in health care, protection and legal rights. Educate people on rights of education, freedom and privileges granted under constitution. Gather information under RTI act for eradication of corruption. To expose malpractices adopted by educational institutions, Hospitals, Travel agents to safe guard interest of parents and general public. To receive any sum or sums of money as gift or donations in cash or kind or subscriptions given to or acquired by any other means by in order to spend on fulfillment of all or any of the objects of the society.

Our Core Areas

Child Welfare Environment & Civic Issues Education Food & Clothing

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Year Started:2016