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Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organization committed to the cause of spreading awareness about the authentic path of Yoga, as laid down by Sage Patanjali. It is run solely by volunteers who are engaged day in and day out in helping Creation, without any remuneration for their services. These volunteers hail from all walks of life – businessmen & women, journalists, doctors, designers, lawyers, scholars, home-makers and citizens of India & abroad – driven and guided on the path of Yoga, Service & Charity by Yogi Ashwini, a true Living Master. Formed in 2002, Dhyan Foundation today is a global phenomenon with centers all across the world. Thousands have benefited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Yoga (Sanatan Kriya). Integral to Yog is active participation in aiding Creation through selfless acts of Service & Charity. Accordingly, the Foundation is actively engaged in a host of charities including free distribution of food at multiple places, running schools for street kids, sponsoring higher education of the poor and the blind, spreading awareness about environmental issues, saving animals, picking up injured animals and placing them in safe havens, etc. All this is done without any government funding or selling any products, solely out of contributions from the volunteers of Dhyan Foundation. Please find enclosed a brief overview of Dhyan Foundation and details of its Animal Welfare About Ashwini Guruji Guruji has spent his lifetime disseminating the authentic science of Yog in its purest form, following the Guru Shishya Parampara, sanitizing it of commerce. Guruji is well travelled, speaks many languages, has an honours degree in economics and a masters in management. What resounded with me was that he is a householder like you and me, however, when he chants mantras every cell of your body vibrates and experiences of subtle dimensions follow. He is an authority on Vedic sciences such as mantras, Vedic martial arts and esoteric healing sciences. A reservoir of gyan, merely being in his presence transforms the being completely. In fact, 200 doctors bore witness to it. At the Indian Medical Association in Mumbai, a demonstration of clairvoyance was given by him and his students was one of its kind in the history of medicine. Guru ji has researched and written extensively on our Vedic history and ancient temples and also lectured at prestigious forums including Oxford University, London and IIM, Bangalore. This year, on International Day of Yoga, the AYUSH Minister, Shri Shripad Naik himself, acknowledged his clairvoyant abilities and the power of science of mantras as imparted by him.

We are committed to the cause of protecting and preserving animals. We work pan India and some of our key achievements in the last year include: Over 50,000 animals have been saved from meeting a bitter end at the hands of cattle mafia at Indo-Bangladesh border through joint efforts of BSF & Dhyan Foundation. Smuggling has been brought from lakhs everyday to near zero in last one year in state of West Bengal with our efforts. The battle however continues, to nurse and nourish these 40,000+ cattle and to take in thousands more that keep pouring in from borders of Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya & Bihar.The rescued cattle are housed at DF gaushalas in Assam (Goalpara, Dhubri, Gohpur), Tripura (Debipur), West Bengal (Asansol), Jharkhand (Chakulia), Bihar (Devkund, Kishanganj) and Odisha (Bhubaneshwar & Maitapur). 40,000+ animals fed daily during COVID lockdown, besides the ones already in our shelters. Following video provides more information about feeding strays during COVID lockdown : 24x7 Animal Helpline with Ambulance service (9 ambulances) in 6 Indian cities. Following video provide more details about our activities: 700+ feeding points at which daily feeding is done for animals including food and water Assistance with filing of 515 FIRs on cases of animal atrocities. The animals so rescued have been successfully rehabilitated at 35 permanent and 3 temporary Dhyan Foundation shelters and gaushalas that are being maintained with utmost vigil and care. Over 1500 hundred volunteers to ensure rights of animals are upheld and they get the life they deserve. Our expertise doesn’t end with running and maintaining animal shelters but also extends to running relief operations in crisis-ridden situations and providing management services to animal shelters that are faced with lack of/improper management, causing deaths of cattle or diseases. Some examples are Relief Operations at Hingonia Gaushala, Camps at Dausa (Rajasthan) and Latur (Maharashtra), Crisis Management at Acharya Sushil Gau Sadan (Village Ghumman Hera, Najafgarh, Delhi). Detailed reports of the same are available on request. Dhyan Foundation is a member of the Goa Animal Welfare Board, a member of State Delhi Advisory Board for Animal Welfare. We have also been appointed to the Committee constituted for Inspection & Supervision of Gaushalas in areas of Delhi. Our volunteers are also committee members of the Animal Welfare Board of India. Dhyan Foundation was recently awarded the best Cow Shelter Award by the Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations.

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