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ASHA-CHINH, was established in 2016 by parents, family and friends of Aaftaab Chawla as a charitable society in his ever-lasting remembrance after we lost him in a road accident at a very young age. Aftaaab, a very bright student with strong convictions and high morals was always ready to help the needy and always stood by the deprived. In his loving memories, we are trying to carry his message of love and care for the poor and needy, particularly the children and students who, given a little support, can grow up and contribute much more to the society The NGO is primarily into offering financial aid for education to poor students and infrastructure development of the existing (Govt) schools. We started with a non-formal school in slums, UMEED School, inspiring and preparing 30 children of rag pickers into the formal education system. We also are on a mission to enlighten the society on Road Safety by organizing lectures, seminars and workshops in schools and colleges. ASHA Chinh has adopted a number of poor children for their education. At present sponsoring the school fees, books, uniform, and a little sustenance to more than 50 students and invites sponsorships for reaching a target of 100 students this year. Majority of the students are either orphans or fatherless children of daily wagers, laborers and house maids. An annual scholarship of Rs. 12,000/- will cover school fee, books, uniforms, shoes, etc.

Taking education for the poor to the next stage - we have started to adopt the Govt schools which are in a dilapidated state. We develop the infrastructure of these schools by adding classrooms, renovation and landscaping to make the Govt schools real smart schools. Our first project GOVT PRIMARY SCHOOL, CHUHRPUR, Ludhiana has been completed with four new rooms and a multipurpose hall for mid-day meal and school functions. We have just been given the responsibility of developing GOVT PRIMARY SCHOOL, JASSIAN, Ludhiana, and plan to start the construction work very soon. NEED BLESSINGS AND SUPPORT FROM ALL!

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Child Welfare Education Road Safety

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Year Started:2016
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Goal: ₹ 600,000
Deadline: 31/03/2021