Lets Build Neki di Rasoi Ludhiana

by Ek Noor Sewa Kendra

Goal: ₹ 350,000
Pledged: ₹ 205,500

Every day, Ek Noor Sewa Kendra gives food to 300+ people in Ludhiana who can’t afford to eat even two meals a day. But many more people are starving, and the need for food is much greater than they can fulfill alone. They need You to join them.

4 years ago, Ek Noor visited a hospital to donate for a patient’s treatment. There, they found that even though patients were getting food, their families were still going hungry. “A patient’s mother told me she had not eaten anything since two days.. because she wanted to save money for her son.” And that’s what led to Neki di Rasoi- a mission to bring food to people who couldn't afford it. Today, Neki di Rasoi distributes lunch every day between 4 major hospitals in Ludhiana, and also on the road for rickshaw drivers, homeless people, and anyone else in need. For doing this, they need to prepare large quantities of food.
They are already operating at full capacity, but still many more people need their help.
They need equipment like bigger pots and stove, roti-maker, daily kitchen staff, and more.

So let's come together and support this noble mission to provide food to the poor. In donation of just Rs.250, you can ensure food for 10 people. Let's make sure no child in Ludhiana ever sleeps hungry again.

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