Save This Man's Only Family- His Wife

by Small Ideas Great Ideas

Goal: ₹ 200,000
Pledged: ₹ 16,400

10 years ago, Rajinder's wife, Paramjeet Kaur, was diagnosed with brain tumour. It was the toughest phase of their life and Rajinder put his everything to save his wife.

Paramjeet underwent a surgery and survived the battle bravely. The couple never looked back and even though they couldn't have kids, they had each other. 

However, Paramjeet recently started having severe headaches which became worse and unbearable with time. She was diagnosed with a relapse of the brain tumor and she needs immediate surgery to survive followed by medication. It would cost them a sum of 2 lac rupees.
Rajinder is a daily wager and with his income he cannot afford the cure.  

Please come forward and help this lady for the surgery. Your contribution can help the couple to live a peaceful life ahead.

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