Help Poor Patients in Emergency

by Small Ideas Great Ideas

Goal: ₹ 50,000
Pledged: ₹ 20,100

Your helplessness to see your family members suffer in pain because you cant afford their medical treatment is a painful and killing experience.

If God has been kind to you and you have the capacity and desire to help someone in such difficult situations please donate to our NGO.

Be it any patient who needs financial help in emergency health conditions, treatment of chronic diseases or medicine, our NGO try to help them as much as possible. Since, our resources are limited we need YOUR help to serve such needy patients.

We verify their financial conditions, treatment cost and use our donations very carefully. Details of expenditure on all such cases are published on CityNeeds website and their Facebook. Please donate to continue this service. (You can also visit the hospital or the patient and donate directly)

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