61 year Old lady needs Urgent help for her Surgery!

by Small Ideas Great Ideas

Goal: ₹ 30,000
Pledged: ₹ 250

A, 61 year Old lady was diagnosed with gall bladder stone and was suggested open surgery. During the surgery, the stone shifted from gall bladder to the liver due to her weak veins. Thus, they had to remove the gall bladder only.

Under the guidance of the doctor her husband took proper care of his wife with nutritious food and medication to prepare her body for the next surgery to remove stone.

The financial condition of the family is not good and they are not able to arrange the required amount for the operation. The cost of the surgery is Rs 75000 and they are short by Rs 30,000.

Please come forward to help them for her surgery. Your contribution can get her out of this critical situation.

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