With A Disabled Son And No Earning Member, Old Lady Needs Help!

by Small Ideas Great Ideas

Goal: ₹ 250,000
Pledged: ₹ 1,000

Shama and her family is living in very difficult condition. She lost her husband and her only son is blind and incapable of working with his hand. Her daughter-in-law suffers from polio, and the 3 grandchildren are very young to even understand that they live in poverty.

The family is living in the ruins of the house with no roof on their heads and no water facilities or basic necessities of life. They have to pay Rs 300 monthly just to get two buckets of water for daily use. They have to use the same to drink, cook, wash, and bath and for washroom as well.

All this can be solved by re-constructed the house with water facility and other amenities. The total cost to construct the house, water facility, food and other necessities is Rs 2.5 lacs. 

Please come forward to help this family in need. Winters are here and it will be very difficult for the Shama and her family to live in such condition. Your contribution can provide shelter to this family.

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