Support Affordable Surgeries for the Poor

by Ek Noor Sewa Kendra

Goal: ₹ 3,800,000
Pledged: ₹ 0

Neki da Hospital Operation Theatre will give HIGHLY AFFORDABLE, NO PROFIT, EXPERT medical treatment for serious cases like Hip Replacement, Bone Fracture, Knee Replacement, Kidney Stone, Hernia etc. 100s of poor patients depend on this hospital for their health.

Since past 6 months, Neki Da Hospital has provided the best quality of medical care at lowest prices possible. For instance a dialysis that cost Rs. 2000/- in other hospitals is only Rs. 400/- at Eknoor.  Many prominent doctors of the city have joined us on either voluntary basis or a tiny fee.
But at the hospital, patients also have a huge demand for affordable surgeries.

Seeing this, a new MODULAR OPERATION THEATRE is being planned.. and the work has already begun.
Required Equipment:
  • - C Arm - 11.5 lacs
  • - Laprosurgical Trolley - 10 lacs
  • - Anesthesia Workstation- 6 lacs
  • - OT Instruments - 5 lacs
  • - Digital Monitors (4) - 3 lacs
  • - OT Table - 1.5 lacs
  • - Cautery Machine - 1 lac
((TOTAL= 38 LACS))

We are only one step away from affordable surgeries for Hip Replacement, Bone Fracture, Knee Replacement, Gall bladder Removal, Kidney Stone, Hernia etc.
All these operations will be done by most renowned doctors but without any profit.

Help us achieve this aim. Donate below.

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