Help Neki da Hospital Give Low Cost Treatment to All

by Ek Noor Sewa Kendra

Goal: ₹ 600,000
Pledged: ₹ 0

In COVID, lives were lost because people could not afford medicines. So Neki da Hospital was started to serve the poor- here doctors consultation is @Rs 20 only & all medicines are at cost. The hospital now needs funds to install Dialysis Units & Operation Theatre. Please donate

Neki da Hospital has been running in Alamgir since January 2022. It has regular functioning Eye OPD, and General OPD also. Highly-qualified expert doctors do their duty to society and give consultations at just Rs 20 per slip. Around 200 patients come to be treated to this hospital everyday.
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But the Biggest Challenge? Dialysis Patients.
Without regular dialysis, kidney patients cannot survive even 2 weeks.But It can cost upto Rs. 1500 for every single dialysis visit! How can a poor person afford this high cost?
So Neki da Hospital opened up its own Dialysis Unit to give this treatment at minimum cost only. Donations were invited from the kind people of Ludhiana, and by God's Grace, nearly 6 lakh rupees were raised! Special mention to NGO Women Next Door for gifting a dialysis machine to the hospital.
Now, kidney patients can get best dialysis treatment at ONLY RS 400. Imagine, how many lives saved due to affordable medical care.
But sadly, the demand for Dialysis is more than what hospital can give with just 4 machines. The capacity has to be doubled.
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Funds are required for 4 additional Dialysis Machines. Time has come for all of us to stand in support again.

Even small donations can create big difference. Kindly contribute what you can.

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