Help Baby Deepu Survive


Goal: ₹ 80,000
Pledged: ₹ 14,000

My little baby is fighting for his next breath, will you help him? I am Anu & I need your support for saving my only child. My baby Deepu was born prematurely at just 7 months. Presently, he's in NICU at SPS Hospital & needs urgent medical help to escape pneumonia.

My biggest happiness has turned into horror since doctors have said that he is too weak to survive without urgent medical treatment. He is losing blood every day and can't even breathe without tubes. I have already spent all our savings and sold my jewellery to pay his medical bills. My husband has lost his job because he stayed with us... I don’t have anywhere to go now. So I'm asking the people of Ludhiana to help save my child. Please help me raise this money to pay the bills for his operation and medicines. I have lost my first-born child one year ago... Now I can’t lose him too. Seeing him covered in tubes breaks my heart.

Help him breathe, please. Donate to our cause, and may God bless you. All contributions made on CityNeeds platform reach NGO’s bank account directly.

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