Free Medical Camp

by Sgm Nishkam Sewa Society

Event Location : Dad Village Pakhowal Road Ludhiana
Event Date : Monday, September 2, 2019

Niksham Sewa Society regularly organizes free health checkups for poverty stricken people who cannot afford money for their treatments and medical facilities hence saving their lives. They aim at aiding needy people for free eye, teeth and bones checkup camps for spreading health and love.

Those people who cannot afford medical facilities for their serious ailments and they face many issues with their health. This is a severe problem the poverty-stricken people suffer these days as it can translate to them becoming disabled or losing their lives altogether. So that is why Nishkam Sewa Ashram has been organizing free eyes, teeth, and bones checkup camps on a regular base for aiding such people and spreading health and love.

Need Doctors, Medical Staff and Volunteers to manage the camps at different locations in village Daad, pakhowal, Jetowal etc

Thankyou, Campaign has been closed.