5 years old need your urgent help for cardiac surgery


Goal: ₹ 25,000
Pledged: ₹ 25,000

Gursahib Singh, 5 year old boy is admitted in SPS Hospital and is battling between life and death. He was born with TOF, which is a congenital heart defect. Due to which, he suffered severe breathing problems, acute pain in chest and dizziness.

Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), is repaired through open-heart surgery soon after birth or later in infancy. Doctors have recommended him immediate surgery which is very expensive and his family is not able to afford it. His father is a truck driver and his mother is a housewife, whatever his father would earn it got spend on Gursahib’s medications and meeting daily life expenses. So, it is a humble request to our donors to come forward and donate to this cause, to save his life. Also share with family & friends. All contribution made on CityNeeds platform reach NGO’s bank account directly and is exempted for income tax under section 80G.

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