From Slums To School, These Children Need Your Help

by Initiators of Change

Goal: ₹ 200,000
Pledged: ₹ 39,900

When pandemic hit us, we switched to digital mode and continued our work, our education but these students had to give up schooling to support their families in the pandemic.

They come from rural or slum areas where good education is needed the most and is the only way out of poverty. After pandemic, schools, colleges, offices and businesses; everything went back to normal.

However, for these children, who had no access to the digital world during the pandemic, it’s hard and feels impossible to go back to their education. They need someone to hold their hand, coach and bring them up to speed, at par with other students to continue their education.

Initiator of Change has taken up this challenge and wants to build an Evening School for 50+ underprivileged students in Dugri. They want to provide completely free education- from coaching to stationery & uniforms, all expenses will be taken care of by the NGO.

However they would need our support to make it possible. Following are the things needed:

Books, uniforms and bags                            - 50,000
Classroom benches, tables, smart board etc     - 1,50,00
Buses and bicycles so kids can attend school   - 1,00,000
Teachers' salaries and overall costs for 1 year - 2,00,000
A Total of Rs 5 lakhs for teaching 50+ children for an entire year.

Let's set up this school to save their dreams. Donate below.

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