Education for Everyone! Let's Build a Smart School in Slums

by Do Good Foundation

Goal: ₹ 300,000
Pledged: ₹ 206,500

‘Only good education can bring real equality’. That's why this NGO has started Ludhiana's first Smart School for children from Slums. With modern education, these poor children can have a better future. In only Rs 300, you can sponsor a child's fees.

During COVID, most students were able to continue their studies through online learning. But the children from slums couldn’t afford to buy smartphones etc.. and they have lost 2 years of schooling as a result. So this NGO decided to build a modern, online classroom for them right there in the slums.

With some help from a government grant, they have set up a Smart School in Khamano. It costs less than Rs 300/ month to support one child's fees. Around 80 children are already studying here but the NGO doesn’t have fund for 50 new students who are still waiting for their chance. By sponsoring them, you can make their dream come true.

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