Should the sick dogs be left to die on Streets?

by Furry Angel Welfare Society

Goal: ₹ 100,000
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Nearly 8000 stray dogs in Ludhiana are living under severe cold, rain and heat without enough food or any shelter. Under such harsh circumstances what if they fall sick or meet with an accident? Should they be left to die?

Ms. Pooja who is running "Furry Angel Welfare Society" also tells us that many pets are even abandoned by their owners itself, when they can't afford their treatment or they are not willing to spend for the treatment. 

That is why she is leaving no stone unturned to take care of these innocent souls. She started with taking care of 35 dogs and now the count has increased to 650 animals which includes both dogs and cats. 

There are days when she may not have food on her plate but she makes sure none of her children starves. 

Her monthly expense for taking care of them is around 1,00,000. In which she provides them proper food, shelter and treatment. 

Please DONATE a generous amount and support her in this mission of forming a happy and healthy environment for these pets.

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