Save A Life- Spread Awareness about Oral Cancer

by Small Ideas Great Ideas

Goal: ₹ 150,000
Pledged: ₹ 25,000

Every year, over 1 MILLION Indians die due to oral cancer. And sadly, our labour is highly prone to it due to a habit of Khaini & Tambakoo. Without regular checkups, sometimes it's too late to help them. But organising free camps for them can change that.

Recently, the District Administration of Ludhiana and NGO Small Ideas Great Ideas organised a Free Cancer awareness medical Camp on World Health Day, April 7, 2022. There, 2 people were found to have Pre-Cancer lesions in their mouths. Without this camp, they would not have even known about having cancer.. This right advice at the right time saved their lives.

Thereafter, next such camp was organised in industrial area at Riddhi Processors, Phase V, Focal point on April 16, where 38 persons were screen for cancer and 5 persons were detected with leisons.

After that two more such camps were organised at Suvidhi Textiles in Phase VI and Amar Industries Ltd. in Phase 8 where 80 and 45 persons were screened for oral cancer. Total 9 persons were detected with leisons.

If even few people can be warned about early stage cancer, their lives can be saved. Each camp costs around 12-15k and covers around 75 checkups. If you donate Rs.200/- for checkup of just one patient, you can help them save lakhs of rupees otherwise required for treatment. Your good deed can save a family from so much pain and agony.

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