Injured Birds & Animals need your Help

by Marshall Aid Foundation ( Regd.)

Goal: ₹ 48,000
Pledged: ₹ 250

There are many injured, abandoned or helpless animals and birds who struggle for their lives, but we have the team NGO Marshall Aid Foundation who rescue these innocent ones.

The team rescue these animals and birds in poor condition in basement, gutters, and roadside. They get calls from local citizens or any other source of information and with the team they reach to rescue and save the life. After that they go for immediate treatment by themselves and also involved veterinarians in major accidents. 

Rescuing animals and birds require special equipments and they are falling short of funds as the numbers of cases are increasing day by day. Your help can save innocent lives in the city.
The team need following equipments that is worth Rs 48000
Cage for birds cost RS 3000
5 Pieces live jackets cost Rs 6500 
5 Pieces live Tubes cost Rs 6000
Aluminum Ladder cost Rs 14000
Rescue stretcher cost Rs 3000
25 Helmets cost Rs 3500
3 inch – 1000 Meter Rope Rs 12000

If these innocent animals are closed to your heart, you can support to save their lives. Please donate money or buy the equipments which are essential to rescue them. Let’s join hands with this NGO to save innocent animals.

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