150 Unclaimed Bodies in Ludhiana awaits Cremation every month!

by Marshall Aid Foundation ( Regd.)

Goal: ₹ 100,000
Pledged: ₹ 73,601

I, Teena Gupta, am dedicated to raising funds for the dignified and timely cremation of approximately 150 unclaimed bodies found in Ludhiana every month.

Even in the midst of poverty, individuals deserve a respectful end to their lives. However, in our city, these 150 human beings are labeled as "Unclaimed Bodies" when discovered by the authorities or NGOs. They are often in a decomposed state or even partially consumed by insects. These individuals may be beggars, homeless, drug addicts, unclaimed accident victims, or come from impoverished families who cannot afford proper cremation.

The cost of cremating a body is only around 2500-3000 rupees. However, with the constant influx of 150 bodies every month, there is an ongoing need for funds. Marshall Aid, along with occasional or permanent donors, manages to cremate approximately 40 unclaimed bodies each month in Ludhiana. However, this is not enough, and they face a sense of helplessness when they must refuse cremations due to a lack of funds.

Until the government takes concrete steps to respectfully cremate these unclaimed bodies, it is our responsibility as a civil society to step forward and support this cause.

I humbly request your contribution to create a monthly fund of 1 lakh rupees, which will ensure that the deceased are cremated with dignity. Together, we can make a difference and provide a humane farewell to those who have been neglected.

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