Help Orphans Stand On Their Feet with Skill Training


Goal: ₹ 310,000
Pledged: ₹ 97,700

There are more than 300 children in 5 orphanages in Ludhiana. There they get basic shelter and education, but that is not enough for life. They need to learn skills so they can get good jobs and live with respect .. Will you come forward to help?

When they turn 18 years old, they have to leave the orphanage.. but they have no knowledge, no skills about how to survive outside.
Clio Care Foundation's support has brought many special Vocational Skills classes for these children. They are given training in:
1. Computer skills
2. Craft Skills
3. Stitching Skills
4. Mobile repair workshop etc.
These classes can help these children earn some money in the world.
For children in orphanages, in Juvenile Jail etc-
learning these skills can give them a start, and they can also lead a respectable life

After losing their families, they depend on kindness of strangers only.
They deserve all our love and support.
The project is headed by Dr. Mehak Bansal, a pediatrician at Clio Care Institute, and member of Child Welfare Committee, Ludhiana. She has over 12 years of experience in working with NGOs for children.

To help, call 82890-66979 for volunteering, or directly donate below to organize a one-day workshop.

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